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EST HAS EXPERIENCED FULL-TIME AND PART-TIME PERSONNEL on staff to perform safe and reliable Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of groundwater and wastewater treatment systems. EST's staff includes licensed industrial and municipal operators from Grade I to Grade IV. Over the past decade and a half, EST has performed routine O&M services at multiple public and private sites throughout the region, including hospitals, universities, manufacturing facilities, and public transit agencies.

EST provides our diverse client base with a wide range of services. From routine monthly maintenance of small pH neutralization systems to the startup and maintenance of complex fuel oil remediation systems, EST has the personnel and resources necessary to keep our clients in compliance with regulatory requirements. EST schedules services for our clients according to their specific needs. These services might involve daily, monthly or quarterly visits to clean and calibrate pH probes and flow meters, check acid and caustic levels, and perform troubleshooting or preventative maintenance to ensure the system stays in compliance.

EST also has qualified licensed treatment system operators available to fill in while our clients' full-time operators are on vacation or leave for other reasons.


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