Flow Monitoring & Pipeline Services


EST PROVIDES SAFE, reliable and cost-effective Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES), including flow monitoring, CCTV Inspections, smoke testing, manhole inspections, dye testing and building inspections. Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) are costly defects that reduce the capacity of sewer systems and treatment facilities. Infiltration is the result of aging infrastructure in which existing sewer lines undergo material and joint degradation. Inflow occurs when rainwater enters the system from roof leaders, yard drains, sump pumps, manhole covers or other indirect/direct connections.

EST is professionally staffed and equipped to provide our clients with the most reliable services available to identify potential sources of I/I. EST uses proven methodologies in conjunction with the most advanced monitoring technologies available to provide consultants and collection system managers with reliable information that is vital to protect the public’s significant investment in sewers and wastewater treatment facilities.


Flow Monitoring

Experienced pipeline technicians on staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

CCTV Investigations

Observe and document the internal condition of sewer and drain lines.

Smoke Testing

Non-toxic smoke that is forced into the sewer using high-powered blowers to identify defects or cross connections. 

Manhole Inspections

Physical surveys on sewer manholes to locate and document defects and I/I.

Flow Isolation

In sewer lines where groundwater has been determined to enter the sanitary sewer in significant quantities.

Dye Testing & Dye Flooding

Testing by pouring a non-toxic dye into downspouts, area drains, window well drains, stairwell drains, and driveway drains. 

Building Inspections

Inventory of each building, including general property information for municipalities and engineering firms.

New England Office

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Mid-Atlantic Office

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