Manhole Inspections


EST has experienced staff who perform physical surveys on sewer manholes to locate and document defects and I/I. EST provides written logs which are furnished for each manhole inspected. Manhole surveys document location, structural defects, I/I sources, size, depth, materials of construction, deposition of solids and other pertinent information. EST uses digital camera equipment during manhole inspections to document defects that may be discovered during these investigations.

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Manhole Inspection FAQs

What is the benefit of performing manhole inspections?

Performing manhole inspections can assist in identifying areas of concern such as structural defects, inflow sources, and infiltration.  It can also assist in mapping sewer systems.

What type of manhole inspections does EST perform?

EST performs MACP Level 1 and Level 2 inspections.  Depending on our clients’ requirements manhole inspection may be topside or man-entry inspections.

How will I receive my data?

Data is collected in electronic format via tablet. Digital photos are taken of each structure and of any significant defects. A final report will be generated in both hard copy and electronic formats.  This report will summarize results and will include embedded photos.

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