CCTV Investigations


EST owns and operates closed-circuit “pan and tilt” television cameras to observe and document the internal condition of sewer and drain lines. These television cameras are moved through each line segment at a prudent rate so that all pipe leaks and defects are observed and digitally recorded. A detailed observation log is maintained for each sewer segment inspected. Information on these logs includes date inspected, weather, condition of line, segment location, segment length, ground surface description, pipe size, pipe length and joint spacing. A unique numbering system is used to identify each line segment location.

EST’s NASSCO Certified CCTV operators have inspected several hundred thousand feet of sewer and drain line over the last five years alone.

EST owns and operates both Cues and Envirosight camera systems capable of inspecting lines from 6” to 84” diameter and runs up to 1,500 linear feet.  EST uses WinCan Software to generate detailed pipeline inspection reports (hard copy and DVD) in accordance with the National Association of Sewer System Companies (NASSCO) Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) guidelines.  For examples of CCTV case studies performed by EST, view our projects below.

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