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EST PROVIDES SAFE, reliable and cost-effective Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES), including flow monitoring, smoke testing, manhole inspections, dye testing and building inspections. Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) are costly defects that reduce the capacity of sewer systems and treatment facilities. Infiltration is the result of aging infrastructure in which existing sewer lines undergo material and joint degradation. Inflow occurs when rainwater enters the system from roof leaders, yard drains, sump pumps, manhole covers or other indirect connections.

EST is professionally staffed and equipped to provide our clients with the most reliable services available to identify potential sources of I/I. EST uses proven methodologies in conjunction with the most advanced monitoring technologies available to provide consultants and collection system managers with reliable information that is vital to protect the public's significant investment in sewers and wastewater treatment facilities.


EST has experienced pipeline technicians on staff and the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to generate accurate and reliable continuous flow monitoring data. Our extensive inventory of open channel flowmeters collects depth and velocity data and is capable of measuring surcharge flow conditions. We maintain and calibrate our flowmeters routinely to ensure the devices remain in good working order. Our final reports include equipment installation records, field calibration records, and detailed flow monitoring data, which is provided in various user-friendly formats. EST can also install flow monitoring units with telemetry to facilitate 24/7 access to monitoring data and alarming during overflow (or other) conditions.


EST owns and operates closed-circuit "pan and tilt" television cameras to observe and document the internal condition of sewer and drain lines. These television cameras are moved through each line segment at a prudent rate so that all pipe leaks and defects are observed and digitally recorded. A detailed observation log is maintained for each sewer segment inspected. Information on these logs includes date inspected, weather, condition of line, segment location, segment length, ground surface description, pipe size, pipe length and joint spacing. A unique numbering system is used to identify each line segment location. EST generates reports (hard copy and DVD) that are Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program (PACP) compliant using WinCan software. EST's NASSCO Certified CCTV operators have inspected several hundred thousand feet of sewer and drain line over the last five years alone.


EST has experienced field crews to perform smoke testing throughout the Northeast. In order to identify defects or cross connections in sewer lines, EST uses a non-toxic smoke that is forced into the sewer using high-powered blowers. Breaks in the sewer allow the smoke to escape. Ordinarily, one line segment upstream and downstream of each manhole is tested at a time. EST's services include a door hanger notification program and detailed field log documentation.


EST has the capability to perform dye testing by pouring a non-toxic dye into downspouts, area drains, window well drains, stairwell drains, and driveway drains. Testing of these sources is performed to detect illicit connections to the sanitary sewer. EST carefully documents any evidence of illicit connections, which are recorded in appropriate field logs.


EST performs flow Isolation in sewer lines where groundwater has been determined to enter the sanitary sewer in significant quantities. Isolation of groundwater is performed during the early morning hours (Midnight to 6:00 a.m.), when residential usage is at a minimum. Portable pipe weirs are placed in the targeted sewer lines to measure the flow in segments of approximately 300 linear feet. The flow volume is calculated in order to isolate the areas contributing significant infiltration.


EST has experienced staff who perform physical surveys on sewer manholes to locate and document defects and I/I. EST provides written logs which are furnished for each manhole inspected. Manhole surveys document location, structural defects, I/I sources, size, depth, materials of construction, deposition of solids and other pertinent information. EST uses digital camera equipment during manhole inspections to document defects that may be discovered during these investigations.


EST field crews have performed thousands of building inspections for municipalities and engineering firms. We take an inventory of each building, including general property information. Internal building inspections include information on sump pumps, floor drains, foundation drains, and sewer connection cleanouts. External building inspections include information regarding external drainage. Building inspection information is collected and made available in an electronic format.

In advance of site activities, EST notifies residents and property/business owners through a door hanger program. The door hanger is approved by the client prior to distribution. In addition, the local fire department, police department, 911 operators, and City/Town personnel handling telephone inquiries are notified.


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