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AT EST, we understand that the collection of accurate and representative samples is one the first and most critical steps towards the generation of accurate laboratory analytical data. EST has the experience and depth of resources to ensure that the samples we collect are representative and legally defendable. Our sampling programs are driven by established protocols and extensive Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC). In addition, EST's sampling programs are executed by some of the most reliable and qualified staff in the industry.


EST's experienced field chemists routinely collect groundwater samples from hundreds of public and private sites annually, including municipal landfills, industrial properties, and retail petroleum locations throughout the Northeast. EST has extensive experience with the collection of groundwater samples in accordance with the US EPA's Low Flow Purging and Sampling Procedures. In order to provide the most reliable services available, EST maintains an extensive inventory of groundwater sampling equipment, including a variety of bladder pumps, flow-through cells, and multi-parameter sensors. Our equipment is routinely calibrated to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.


EST's wastewater sampling capabilities are extensive; in fact, EST collects more wastewater samples for permit compliance than any other environmental sampling company in the Northeast. Our clients include leading manufacturing firms, hospitals, universities, and biotech firms. Our services include the collection of representative (time- or flow-based) composite and grab samples, preservation in accordance with 40 CFR part 136, chain of custody, and coordination of laboratory analytical services. In addition, EST maintains an extensive inventory of automatic samplers and related field instruments to assist our clients with staying in compliance with their industrial discharge permit requirements.


If you are an environmental manager with limited time and resources, just send EST a copy of your discharge permit and we will handle all of the sampling and analytical work associated with your permit. In addition, we will review your analytical results and compare them to all applicable local, state, and/or federal regulatory standards. If your analytical results are out of compliance, EST will notify you promptly and coordinate any follow-up sampling that may be required. EST's permit management program provides environmental managers with the peace of mind that your treatment system is in compliance with all environmental sampling and analytical requirements associated with your permit.


EST has multiple public and private sector clients that rely on us to provide the most cost-effective and reliable stormwater sampling services available. Our staff has collected stormwater samples for NPDES permit compliance for a diverse client base throughout the Northeast. Our staff collects "first flush" samples and composite samples in accordance with EPA protocol. Our clients include public agencies, municipalities, engineering consultants, and private industry throughout the region. In order to provide the most reliable services available, we have self-contained automatic sampling units that can be triggered based on flow or rainfall. These units can also be equipped with telemetry to alert sampling personnel when criteria for sample collection have been achieved.


EST is routinely contracted to collect soil samples from a variety of public and private sites throughout the region. EST's sampling services include everything from surface samples (0-6 inches) to continuous samples collected via Geoprobe TM or conventional drilling methods. EST will prepare a sampling plan, set up a sampling grid, perform headspace screening and collect samples in accordance with approved methods.


EST has equipment and trained personnel to collect representative samples from rivers, streams, ponds, and lagoons. While sampling plans may allow for the collection of surface water and sediment samples from a stream bank or other accessible locations, EST can also safely access remote areas by utilizing gas and electric powered pontoon boats, Zodiac boats and other vessels when required. EST's extensive inventory of sampling equipment used to collect representative sediments or water samples also includes dredge samplers, coring devices, and environmental sampling pumps.


EST has the equipment, resources, and experience to support a variety of soil vapor intrusion (SVI) and indoor air sampling programs. In order to identify chemical vapors that might be migrating through subsurface soils or underground utilities, EST can perform soil vapor intrusion sampling in accordance with applicable DEP guidance documents. As part of these SVI sampling programs, EST can collect indoor air and background air samples (via Summa canister) in the breathing zone and install a temporary sub-slab sampling port for the collection of sub-slab air samples. A vapor shroud and helium tracer gas will be used to confirm the seal between the slab and the temporary sample port. EST can also work with our clients to develop specialized sampling programs to fit specific project budgets, as well as sampling and analytical goals.


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