City of Waltham, MA

CCTV Investigations and Related SSES

EST was contracted by the City’s engineering consultant to perform CCTV investigations SSES associated with a SSO Mitigation Project in Waltham, MA. These CCTV inspections were performed on over 40,000 linear feet of sewer lines throughout the study area.  Inspections were performed during high groundwater conditions to observe active infiltration. All inspections were conducted in accordance with NASSCO PACP standards. Detailed inspection reports were generated using WinCan Software and were provided to the client in both hard copy and DVD format. Services also included: continuous flow monitoring, rainfall monitoring, and groundwater gauging, and manhole inspections. All field work was performed in strict accordance with EST’s Corporate Health and Safety Plan (HASP) and all applicable OSHA and DOT safety regulations.

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