Retail Petroleum Sites

Water Quality Sampling
Multiple Sites in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire)

EST has been contracted to collect groundwater samples from multiple Exxon/Mobile, and Shell Oil retail petroleum sites located in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. During the course of these contracts, EST collected hundreds of samples from groundwater wells located on seventy-eight (78) sites.  All sampling programs were performed in accordance with detailed sampling and QA/QC plans.  All samples were collected in accordance with EPA low flow approved methods, including field measurements of pH, temperature, conductivity, ORP, turbidity and dissolved oxygen. Samples were preserved in accordance with 40 CFR part 136 and prepared for delivery to a certified laboratory.  Services were performed in strict accordance with established QA/QC objectives.  EST has performed all work on budget and in accordance with the client’s site-specific health and safety plans including a Loss Prevention System (LPS) which is designed to prevent or reduce incidents (accidents) using behavior-based tools and proven management techniques. 

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Town of Stratford, CT – Flow Monitoring Program

Stratford, CT maintains a water pollution control facility that can process up to eleven (11) million gallons per day. As part of an Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) study, EST installed and maintained forty-four (44) open channel flowmeters, and two (2) rain gauges during an eight (8) week study period.

Waste Management, Inc. – Environmental Monitoring, Wheelabrator Shrewsbury Ash Landfill, Shrewsbury, MA

The Wheelabrator Shrewsbury ash monofill is a commercial facility that provides ash disposal to the Wheelabrator Millbury facility and several other waste-to-energy plants in the region. EST provided water quality monitoring and related field services including groundwater sampling, surface water sampling, and leachate monitoring. EST measured static water level, pH, temperature, conductivity, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and dissolved oxygen prior to sample collection.

Town of Braintree, MA – Continuous Flow Monitoring

EST performed flow monitoring at eleven (11) locations throughout the town of Braintree, MA. These systems were equipped with wireless telemetry to facilitate real time data acquisition by means of a password protected website.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), Winnipesaukee River Basin Flow Monitoring Program (WRBP)

The Winnipesaukee River Basin Program (WRBP) is a state-owned system in the Lakes Region of the state that includes fourteen (14) wastewater pumping stations, approximately fifty-five (55) miles of large diameter interceptor sewers and a wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) in Franklin, NH treating an average of five (5) million gallons of wastewater per day. EST was contracted to perform flow monitoring at locations though the collection system.

Town of Needham, MA – Flow Monitoring and I/I Related Inspection Services

EST was contracted by the Town’s engineering consultant to identify potential Inflow and Infiltration sources within the Town’s collection system. Services included: continuous flow monitoring at multiple locations throughout the Town and CCTV inspections of more than one-hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) linear feet of sewer line.

City of Melrose, MA – Flow Monitoring Services

Melrose operates and maintains two (2) water pump stations, eighty (80) miles of water, and seventy-eight (78) miles of sewer line. During a City-wide flow monitoring program in the spring of 2016, EST installed and maintained thirty (30) meters, five (5) groundwater gauges and a rain gauge for ten (10) weeks.

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